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Uprising update hits DUST 514 today

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on 6 May 2013

UPDATE: Uprising is now launching at 16:30 GMT. Get ready!

UPDATE 2: DUST 514 Uprising is LIVE!

Alright! After months of waiting, DUST 514 players are about to get the biggest and best update so far with the Uprising build. Uprising marks the fifth iteration of the MMOFPS game which will be getting three or four free updates a year. Here is a quick pre-update briefing on all that you need to know.

Today server downtime started at 08:00 GMT and should be good to go at 15:00 GMT. The most noteworthy contents of this patch are a substantial graphics update, an overhaul to skill training progression and new gear, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. See the full patch notes.

There will be a skill point refund for all players so that they can respec their mercnaries with the new skill tree progression system. Because this overhaul affects certain gear, there are other reimbursements that will take place aswell. Below is a brief list about what will remain and what will be changed after the downtime, taken from a recent dev blog.

What will persist?

Character name, Contacts, Corporation, Stats/Leaderboards, Mail, AUR and ISK currencies, PSN items and items received from events (those not purchasable on the in-game market)

SK balance will be the ISK you currently have in your wallet + the ISK value of items cleared from your Assets (prize items that are available on the market will be removed and their ISK value reimbursed)

AUR balance will be the AUR you currently have in your wallet + the AUR value of items cleared from your Assets

If a user has an unfinished booster equipped at time of Uprising deployment, it will stay equipped

Boosters that are still in Assets

Currently trained corporation skills

Corporation Wallet and Contacts

In-game Mail

NOTE: All items consumed before the Uprising update changes take place will STAY consumed and will not be reimbursed

What will be removed or changed? And what will be reimbursed?

All Skills will be cleared, users get the SP back into Available SP

Consumed boosters are NOT refunded (users have already earned the SP)

All Fittings (both infantry and vehicle)

Some persisted vanity items may not keep their previous coloring schemes

All ISK items will be cleared from Assets and their CURRENT ISK value added back to wallet

All AUR items will be cleared and users reimbursed with their current AUR value (with exceptions noted previously) Some corporation skills will be renamed, your skill level in the corresponding new skill will remain the same

Currently active UVTs are removed from users and their AUR value refunded

Any UVTs in Assets are removed and refunded

This only applies to UVT purchased post-Tranquility move (previously purchased / consumed UVTs were already reset)



Important notice! The Planetary Conquest game mode that was slated to launch with Uprising has been pushed back to launch, which goes down on May 14th. This was done at the community's request so that people have time to respec their characters carefully and not quickly train up for possible district attacks. Planetary Conquest enables console gamers to fight for and defend territory in the New Eden universe and to amass wealth and influence.

So, Uprising comes today, and launch on the 14th, but what does this mean content wise? What can we expect to see in these two milestones of DUST 514’s journey? Below is a breakdown of what will be deployed on each date:

Coming in Uprising on May 6th

Skill changes

New skills

Skill tree

Skill respec

Weapon, module, vehicle, and dropsuit rebalancing

Amarr Medium, Gallente Medium, and Minmatar Light dropsuits

Assault dropship

Item/Market refund

Factional Warfare changes

Graphic updates

UI updates

New Starmap

Coming on 5/14

Planetary Conquest

Flaylock Pistol

Plasma Cannon

Scrambler Rifle

Domination game mode

New maps and terrain

For a bit of a breakdown on these features, check out the dev blog here. Be sure to check out our article on all the FREE updates and content that is coming in the next year and beyond.

So that concludes our DUST 514 briefing. Go download DUST 514 after today's downtime, and click the banner below to join PSU’s corporation. Don’t go into the DUST alone, allow us to help and guide you through your first days of battle so that you really get a feel for what the game offers.