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Fatal Inertia coming to PS3 in Spring 2008

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The saga of Fatal Inertia could be approaching an end with rumours that the game will finally be released some time in Spring 2008.

The game was first announced as a PS3 exclusive, before it then became multiplatform. Rumours then surfaced that the PS3 version had been cancelled, and then the Xbox 360 version released.

But publisher Koei is now prepared to bring the futuristic racer to the PS3 despite the problems they had with the Unreal Engine 3.

Although an exact release date was not given, we can expect to see Fatal Inertia in Spring 2008. But considering the gap between the 360 release (in September) and the projected PS3 release, gamers will be expecting bonus stuff.

The long running frustration for PS3 gamers regarding this game could soon be over, but fans must still wait for a concrete release date.

Source: Eurogamer