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Sony adding 'Indie Games' category to PS Store today

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on 7 May 2013

Sony's support of indie development is already setting the bar in the console space, with developers singing praises and a multitude of titles on offer and in development. Yet just when you thought Sony couldn't do anything more to entice the little guy, we hear this: Starting today, an 'Indie Games' category will be added to the PlayStation Store.

The feature is entirely categorical in nature, adding a new tab (presumably under 'Games') to aid your search for digital goodness. "This category builds on the support that PlayStation has offered independent developers in the effort to highlight some of the most unique gaming experiences on PlayStation platforms," said Pierre Gravereau, Senior Manager of Digital Distribution. "This new category will house all of our latest indie titles in one convenient place."

When the 'Indie Games' category appears later today, you'll find everything from PSN classics Journey and The Unfinished Swan to recent hits like Guacamelee! and Thomas Was Alone. Check out our reviews with the links provided.

To celebrate the new category, Sony will be giving a 50% discount to Retro City Rampage and a 40% discount on the Papo & Yo promotional bundle (featuring the game and soundtrack) until May 21. PlayStation Plus members will get a 55% discount on the Papo & Yo bundle. Another recent indie release, Zombie Tycoon II (which we gave a 7.0), is part of the Instant Game Collection "for a limited time."

Are you glad to see Sony paying more attention to indie development by highlighting indie games front-and-center? Could Sony be doing more to court the industry's creative minds? Sound off in the comments.