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PS4 gets more indie goodness with Doki-Doki Universe, an 'RPG/Simulation/Interactive Story' game

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on 7 May 2013

Sony really isn't pulling any punches with new game announcements, are they? Earlier today, we covered the reveal of Hohokum, a vibrant enigma from the team behind Frobisher Says. But another PlayStation 4 indie title was revealed on the official PlayStation Blog at the same time, and it's coming from a guy with a good deal of gaming history.

The man is Greg Johnson--creator of Toejam and Earl--and his new game is Doki-Doki Universe. The game's concept sounds totally wacky: you fly around to different planets, taking personality quizzes and meeting zany characters in what Johnson describes as an "RPG/Simulation/Interactive Story" game. Doki-Doki Universe will actually be launching in different parts; the first, a free download coming to PS4, PS3, and PS Vita, will introduce playerse to the concept with limited freedoms. Planetary exploration is reserved for the full, paid version. Another component, the Doki-Doki Mail messaging app, will come with the free download AND appear on "mobile platforms."

So what do we know about this wacky title? Not much, except that the player character is robot who needs to find some humanity before the hot dog-shaped Alien Jeff "discontinues" your model. "So as you travel around the Universe on a giant flying pig (or whale, or poo, or whatever you choose) and visit themed planets (cute, scary, gross, robot, ice, etc.)," says Johnson, "you’ll interact with hundreds of some of the most bizarre characters you’ve ever heard of, and Alien Jeff will be watching you the whole time."

One bit in particular caught my eye: the Doki-Doki Mail messaging app will "magically" animate anything you type, letting you communicate with friends in novel ways. Sounds like Scribblenauts, no?

In any case, hit up PSU's game gallery for the first batch of Doki-Doki Universe screenshots, and stay glued to for more on this latest PS4 game as we hear it.