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PS4 Watch Dogs is 'a simulation that the current generation doesn't have the processing power to do'

on 11 May 2013

Yesterday, we shared new screenshots and gameplay details from Watch Dogs, Ubisoft's PlayStation 4 launch title. If those didn't excite you (first of all, who are you?), the hyper-realistic console simulation only possible on PS4 might.

Watch Dogs lead game designer Danny Belanger raved about PS4's processing capabilities in an interview with Dealspwn.com, saying, "It’s really next-gen because it’s a simulation that the current generation doesn’t have the processing power to do yet." From shifting weather patterns to rolling waves, from floating leaves to dynamic wind, "It’s very systemic, we can add a lot of depth. Meaning the simulation can be much better. I mean: the people, the traffic, all that."

Of course, that doesn't mean the studio is turning a blind eye to PS3 owners and the limitations of the current generation. "We can talk about density. We can talk about the amount of animations it allows us to do. We can talk about making scenes look better because of the lighting we can do," said cinematic animation lead Lars Bonde. "But even then, we've developed systems that literally optimise current-gen as well. . . . It wouldn't be fair to everyone if not."

Check out Dealspwn's excellent preview of Watch Dogs here, and stay glued to PSU.com next month for our E3 impressions of this PS4 launch title.

Kyle Prahl thinks Watch Dogs was the best game announcement of E3 2012. You can follow him on Twitter to see what else he likes.