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Could Resistance come back? Insomniac CEO Ted Price answers

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on 11 May 2013

The Resistance franchise and PlayStation history are intrinsically linked. Resistance: Fall of Man was a PlayStation 3 launch title, the console's first multiplayer hit, and drew favorable comparisons to legendary shooters like Half-Life 2. Resistance 2 took set console records with its 80-player battles. Resistance 3 championed Move support with a fantastic campaign. It also brought things to a rather rushed conclusion.

PlayStation-friendly developer Insomniac Games doesn't own the franchise rights to Resistance, and CEO Ted Price announced last year that his company wouldn't be making any more Resistance games (having since moved on to third-party development with Fuse). But there's hope yet; Price said during a Reddit AMA yesterday that "the future of Resistance is unclear - I've said we wouldn't go back to making Resistance since we don't own the IP. But I've also learned to say 'never say never.'"

When asked again about the future of Resistance by a fan, Price was touched by the fan's love of the series, but said, "We probably won't go back to it. However I'll never rule out the possibility." He conclude: "I've learned that with some things it's good to leave doors slightly open."

Price also said this his favorite Resistance game to develop was Fall of Man, but Resistance 3 was his favorite to play.

So, will Resistance come back? Sounds like Insomniac is open to the possibility, but it will take some serious convincing. Hop to it, Resistance fans! And while we wait for news on the series' future, leave your favorite Resistance memories in the comments below.

Kyle Prahl's favorite PS3 shooter was Resistance: Fall of Man--until Killzone 2 came along. You can follow him on Twitter for the ravings of a college student who writes about video games.