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Pachter: PS4 buzz has 'faded' but doesn't influence purchasing intent

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on 13 May 2013

The PlayStation 4 received a lot of press in the months following it's reveal back in February. However, with the next-generation Xbox reveal upcoming, games industry analyst Michael Pachter believes buzz for the PS4 has died down and that it won't influence sales.

The discussion came about on the latest episode of his weekly web series Pach-Attack when Pachter was asked if Microsoft's decision to reveal the next Xbox 2 weeks before E3 2013 is a mistake. "Microsoft and Sony have both departed from prior practice by having an independent event different from E3. Sony was very smart to do a reveal event in February. I thought they kept the buzz up and a lot of people talked about the PS4," said Pachter.

"That talk has faded. You know now that we're in late April, the Xbox event is May 21st, that talk has faded. Now talk is all about the next Xbox event, so there's now buzz in front of it. They announced it about a month ahead of time and they're going to get buzz for the two weeks heading into E3."

"The truth is, buzz is one thing, purchase intent is another," he explained. "I don't think anyone is buying any of these boxes until they see them and they see the price. So what really is going to matter is E3. You're going to see the box, you're going to see the price, you're going to hear the launch date. Then from June 10 to launch date, which will probably be November, you have 5 months to make up your mind. So I don't think the timing of these pre-launch events mean much at all, other than it gives the press more than one opportunity to write about these things with some knowledge."

What are your thoughts on timing, buzz, and purchasing intent? Does it matter in the long-run or not? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned to PSU for breaking PS4 news.

Ernest Lin is a US Editor for PSU when he's not busy preparing for E3. You can follow him on Tumblr & Twitter.