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Batgirl beating her way into Injustice: Gods Among Us in new trailer

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on 14 May 2013

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has announced that Injustice: Gods Among Us will be adding Batgirl to the family of its latest DC beat 'em up title as downloadable content. The content will become available on the PlayStation Network for £3.99 on an unspecified date, and in the meantime, WBIE has provided a trailer to re-introduce gamers and DC fans to the feisty and beloved Batgirl.

The trailer can be found below. For a full range of opinions and gamers who enjoyed Injustice: Gods Among Us, make your way to the PlayStation Universe community forum, where thousands of dedicated gamers come for all their gaming news, tips, and discussion.

Author's note: Something I've noticed over the years is that these beat 'em up style games only seem to maintain hype for a very short time. They pop up on the radar, incite hype for the range of nostalgic characters they offer, but then it quickly dies off as it stacked upon the dozens and dozens of titles it mimics. Injustice: Gods Among Us has seemingly came out of nowhere and achieved considerable success, and so I ask our readers: Do you think Gods Among Us will break the trend set by previous beat 'em up titles, or is it about to be cataloged away into the abyss of our game libraries in the next month or two?

Steven Chaffin, a staff writer for PlayStation Universe, has ventured only briefly into the DC realm throughout his life. Preferring Marvel, Steven does enjoy Batman and is a fan of Warner Bros. Arkhamverse. You can find Steven, who discusses both a range of gaming and non-gaming topics, on Twitter @steven_chaffin.