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Gran Turismo 6 confirmed on official site, but will it be coming to PS4?

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on 14 May 2013

A major Gran Turismo event is being held later this week in the U.K. and you don’t have to be a genius to work out that Gran Turismo 6 will probably feature. However, the popular racing game still hasn’t been officially unveiled. Well, that is until now!

A screengrab taken from the official Gran Turismo site earlier today, after some clever person switched the end of the URL to GT6, shows clearly that Gran Turismo 6 is incoming.

The GT event is an invite-only gig at Silverstone racetrack tomorrow where GT Academy will be shown and, most likely, GT6.

We wonder whether Polyphony and Sony are planning to release it just for the PS3, or whether a PS4 version will be confirmed?