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Sony launching new PS3 TV ad campaign

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It is now Black Friday and the Christmas shopping season is officially here. This is probably these more crucial times in the year not only for Sony, but for Nintendo and Microsoft as well.

Each powerhouse company is going to want the consumer to choose their product over the other in efforts to gain an extra step in this already heated console race. For Sony, there is no other option; media exposure is a key strategic move in order to win over the consumer.

Specified for the UK, a new TV campaign will emerge for the PlayStation 3 that will showcase the major functionalities of the console, such as Blu-Ray, games, and processing power.

"To compete in such a competitive market it is important for Sony to get a multi-media message out there to differentiate the product from rivals," said games analyst at Screen Digest, Piers Harding-Rolls.

The add, created by TBWA/London, is set to launch on British airwaves next month with supporting ads to hit shortly beforehand.

"The new campaign is designed to showcase the wealth of entertainment available on PlayStation 3," said Alan Duncan, Marketing Director at Sony Computer Entertainment UK.

In conjunction with this, Sony is place GBP 1 million into highlighting three of its exclusive titles, such as the upcoming music title Singstar. The PlayStation 3 is projected to overtake the Xbox 360 in worldwide sales in 2008. By pulling of a successful holiday season, this would be a turning point for the PS3 after it got off to a slow start in late 2006.

Click here to see a video of the new PS3 advert.

Source: Guardian