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Fuse was inspired by Mission: Impossible and James Bond movies

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on 16 May 2013

Last week at a Fuse preview event, Insomniac CEO Ted Price named off some influences of the game during my interview with him. Not only does the upcoming co-operative third-person shooter draw inspiration from Insomniac's past games but from Hollywood films too.

"From the very beginning, Fuse was about a team of agents infiltrating enemy strongholds in pursuit of this alien substance. So from a thematic perspective, Mission: Impossible and even James Bond movies were influential in terms of the story we were telling, but from a gameplay perspective, we drew heavily on what we had done on co-op previously," said Price.

"Resistance 2 co-op was one where we were experimenting with how to create archetypes in a shooter and [Ratchet & Clank] All 4 One where we had four-player co-op so we were experimenting how that could work together. But along the way, we found what we believe is a fresh approach to four-player co-op, with all the different features that we implemented into the game."

It's great to see a studio start a new IP by drawing on their strengths and other influences. Stay tuned later today for my full interview with Insomniac CEO Ted Price.

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