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PS4 has twice as much social media attention as Xbox 720

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on 19 May 2013

A study by Fizziology, a leading social media tracker for consumer products, reports that PlayStation 4 has almost twice as much social media buzz as Microsoft's next-generation system.

Fizziology monitors discussions and aggregates topics from Facebook, Twitter, Disqus, Tumblr, Instagram, blogs, and other sources to determine consumer attitudes and which products have an upper hand. COO Jen Handley states that PS4 is controlling way more social media chatter than the next Xbox, but the landscape may change after Microsoft's May 21 Xbox reveal event.

"If Microsoft shows the console next week, excitement and a natural bias would have two weeks to increase [before E3] and then the PS4 would be forced into comparisons with this next gen Xbox,” said Handley. “It will be interesting to see which console receives more social buzz and higher positive sentiment [during E3] and then what the layman gamers have to say a few weeks after E3 when they become aware of the new consoles."

Of course, maybe Sony doesn't have anything to worry about: social media conversation around PS4 has been more focused on games--the most important factor in console purchasing decisions--since even before the console was revealed. Games were the focus of 29% of PS4 social media talk before its reveal. Right now, only 16% of "next Xbox" conversations are about games.

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