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PS4 to be released this year in U.K., says ad

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on 24 May 2013

The latest edition of U.K. rag Metro has suggested that PlayStation 4 will be released in the U.K. this year.

Much speculation has been generating recently in regards to the U.K. launch of PS4, as Sony hasn’t committed to a firm release date other than the vague holiday 2013 window, which may pertain to the U.S. and Japan only.

However, the ad suggests otherwise.

“Now is the time,” it says. “The world’s greatest players are going to entertain, create and amaze on the ultimate stage. This year a new generation will push boundaries of play and share in moments of wonder. This year players will become legends.”

Previous reports have indicated Sony will adopt an aggressive strategy in Europe and will not want to miss out on launching PS4 there this year in response to Microsoft’s own efforts.