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God of War creator admits the game's combat is 'shallow'

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on 27 May 2013

The creator behind the God of War franchise has admitted that the original game’s combat system doesn’t leave much to the imagination.

David Jaffe told EDGE that this was intentional however, as the developers didn’t want to create an intricate battle system ala Devil May Cry.

“To me, the combat, the spatial challenges, the exploration: they were all pieces of the adventure, and all of these came together to push the player along. The actual game loop in GOW is very simple,” said Jaffe.

“If this had been the kind of game that didn’t have much money, it would have been an absolute failure, because if it wasn’t for new things to do around every corner, you might feel the core mechanics are actually quite shallow. They’re intentionally shallow, because we didn’t want them to overpower the experience.

“If we’d been DMC, your headspace would have been filled with a lot of fighting mechanics that would have pulled you out of the journey. Our combat’s not deep, but thanks to great animators, it is fluid.”

The Twisted Metal developer said that if he could revisit Kratos’ original adventure now, he’d make it less combat oriented. Originally however, his intention was to make a game that “allowed players to feel they were watching a great action-adventure movie,” as opposed to “participating in an action movie.”

Looking back, Jaffe says he’s proud of God of War and considers it a major stepping stone, though admitted he may never be involved in a project quite like it again.

I’m fine with making diversions, but when I talk about games’ potential, I think God Of War was a stepping stone,” he said.

“I’m real proud of it, and I may never be involved again in a game as good, but there’s a lot more to do, both in terms of reaching a bigger audience and just affecting an audience more; affecting them so they carry it through their lives as a fond memory.”