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PS4's Dying Light is Mirror's Edge with zombies, new screenshots

1 June 2013

New screenshots have been released for PlayStation 4's Dying Light, the first-person, free-running zombie thriller from Dead Island developer Techland.

"Zombies" might not sound like a novel idea for a studio that just released Dead Island: Riptide, but Dying Light brings something interesting to the table: parkour mechanics a la Mirror's Edge that aim to add exhilaration and strategic mobility. According to IGN's Marty Silva, it's all about "building momentum, finding open paths throughout the environment, and trying to reach your destination in as efficient a manner as possible."

Unlike Mirror's Edge, you'll have all the tools you need if zombie-bashing becomes a necessity. A weapon crafting system hearkens back to Dead Island, with electrocuted blades among the possible creations. Between confirmed co-op and a gripping narrative that will ask players to make very difficult choices, you have all the makings of a zombie classic on current- and next-gen consoles.

That's right--Dying Light is launching in 2014 for both PS4 and PS3. We've got quite a bit of waiting ahead before we see how many sacrifices must be made to put this gorgeous-looking game on your current black box, but in the meantime, give us your take on Dying Light's first batch of screenshots in the comments below.


Kyle Prahl has yet to find a zombie game worth his lasting attention. Sorry, Resident Evil 4. You can follow him on Twitter and Facebook.


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