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PS4 Watch Dogs mo-cap video shows brutal combat and skillful parkour

1 June 2013

A new developer documentary for Ubisoft's open-world hackathon Watch Dogs shows off the motion capture process for protagonist Aiden Pearce, as played by mo-cap actor Sébastien Rouleau.

What makes this vignette especially interesting is hearing that Rouleau is actually more athletic than Ubisoft envisions Aiden Pearce to be. As such, while Rouleau can pull off the parkour and combat moves that bring Aiden to life, the animators have to periodically slow down the mo-cap footage to more realistic levels.

We also get a taste of Aiden's fighting style, which is dirty and to-the-point. This cunning tech-master wastes no time putting the hurt on his opponents in whatever ways possible--you won't find stylized kung-fu or exaggerated techniques here.

Check out the video below, and tell us in the comments what you hope to see from Ubisoft and Watch Dogs at E3.

Kyle Prahl thought Watch Dogs was E3 2012's Game of Show, and he's curious to see if it can possibly repeat this year. You can follow Kyle on Twitter and Facebook.

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