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Mirror's Edge 2 adventure to be set in an open world, EA says

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on 12 June 2013

EA's Mirror's Edge 2, a game which fans of the predecessor have been begging for for years, was announced at the end of EA's press conference.  Today, the game company reveals that Mirror's Edge 2 will be set in an open world.

While nothing was specifically revealed concerning how the new environment will effect gameplay when the game releases "when it's ready", EA Labels president Frank Gibeau revealed that the successor to Mirror's Edge will be an "open-world action adventure game".

New information will likely be released regarding Mirror's Edge 2 in the days and months ahead.  Stay tuned at for all the latest from E3.

You can view the trailer for Mirror's Edge 2 below.


Steven Chaffin, Jr. | @steven_chaffin | The Editor's Desk