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Sony loves Oculus Rift - PS4 support not out of the question

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on 13 June 2013

Sony Computer Entertainment is looking closely at the potential of Oculus Rift, the virtual reality head-mounted display that hopes to revolutionise the way people experience video games.

President of Worldwide Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment’s Shuhei Yoshida told Engadget that he’s been getting to grips with Oculus Rift development kits.

"We've got a couple of the development kits, and I tried it out and I love it," said Yoshida speaking from E3 2013. When asked if Sony would be supporting the headset in the future, Yoshida replied “No comment,” with a big smile. Though this doesn’t confirm that Sony is planning to use Oculus Rift with PS4, it’s obviously not out of the question otherwise there would have been an outright denial.

During E3, it was announced that the VR headset had received a HD upgrade, moving from a screen with a resolution of 640x800 to 1080p.