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PS4 E3 victory was 'only one good day,' says Sony

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on 18 June 2013

The head of Sony Computer Entertainment UK has said that while the company remains chuffed with its performance at E3 last week, it’s still early days for the PlayStation 4.

“Winning is determined by a much longer timescale,” Fergal Gara told MCV. “We were very pleased with how our messages went down at E3. We aim to be the best for gamers, and this was a key step in that direction.”

“E3 is important for early momentum and generating pre-orders. But it is only one step along. We feel we had a good day but there is loads more hard work to do, and we are focused on that.”

Sony fully unveiled PS4 at E3 last week during its press conference, announcing a slew of details that many believe have put it in a more favourable position than Microsoft’s Xbox One.

Aside from undercutting Microsoft’s machine by £80 in terms of launch price, Sony confirmed that PS4 won’t require online authentication and that there will be no restrictions on used games.

Now that the dust has settled, how do you feel Sony did at E3 in regards to PS4? Was their victory over-exaggerated? Or do you feel it was a justified knock-out blow? Let us know in the comments section below.