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Tretton: PS4 won't block used games because it 'creates value' for the consumer

on 18 June 2013

One of the biggest moments of celebration during Sony's PlayStation press conference came when the company announced their PlayStation 4 would not block or hinder the sale or lending of used games. In a recent interview with Bloomberg, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America Jack Tretton said a used game "creates value" for the consumer.

"The other thing as it relates to the ownership of the game, if people pay a lot of money for that, they equate the value with the flexibility they have in that," explained Tretton. "To do with it as they choose; to give it to their friends, sell it to their friends, trade it in to another retailer; that creates value in the initial purchase that they make."

Coupled with not needing an internet connection and a price point of $399, the PS4 has positioned itself as the consumer-oriented next-gen console. "The goal is always to reach the most consumer-friendly price point so you can drive volume as quickly as possible. But you walk that line between wanting to deliver the ultimate technological experience at a reasonable price and we think we hit a really nice chord at $399 with PlayStation 4," Tretton told Bloomberg.

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via GameSpot

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