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PS4's Killzone: Shadow Fall download split into single-player, multiplayer

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on 19 June 2013

PlayStation 4 will allow users to split their download of Killzone: Shadow Fall into two distinct flavours: single-player and multiplayer.

That’s according to a new PS4 video interface video, which showcases how one can happily plug away at a game (in this case, Knack) before seamlessly transition to the PlayStation Store to purchase Killzone and then returning to your game.

Those of you who are perhaps more interested in playing one particular aspect of a title like Killzone will no doubt be pleased you can opt to download the area which interests you most first without having to wait for the full product.

What do you think of PS4’s new download interface? Are you the type to download separate components of a game or do you instead prefer to grab the full product in a single move? Let us know in the comments section below.