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DICE talks Battlefield 4: Frostbite 3 creates a 'seamless reality'

on 25 June 2013

Today, DICE released a new video where it discusses and demonstrates how the new Frostbite 3 engine takes Battlefield 4 into new territory. The developer talks about how Frostbite 3 will allow its new entry in the acclaimed franchise to go beyond anything seen before.

Four major points are discussed in the video that demonstrate what Battlefield 4 will have to offer using Frostbite 3: seamless reality, game changing destruction, dynamic ocean combat, and more immersive storytelling.

To hear what DICE has to say on Battlefield 4 and Frostbite 3, and to watch Battlefield 4 in action, click on the video below.

Battlefield 4 is due for release in late October for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC, and will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One when upon console release.