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PS4 exclusive The Order: 1886 gets a few new details

on 25 June 2013

The biggest surprise of Sony's E3 2013 media briefing was The Order: 1886.


Ok, fine, it was PlayStation 4's consumer-friendly price of $399 (or Kingdom Hearts III. Seriously, who saw THAT coming?). But The Order: 1886, Ready At Dawn's in-progress PS4 exclusive, looked pretty damn cool. As the curtains were pulled on E3 2013, we still didn't know much about this new IP, but Ready At Dawn co-founder Ru Weerasuriya had some new details to share on the official PlayStation Blog today.

First up, Ru describes The Order as "a third person action adventure game with shooting mechanics." Like Uncharted. Or The Last of Us. Good, I'm following so far.

Things take an interesting turn from there. As we gathered from The Order's reveal trailer (posted below), the game is set in alternate-history London at the close of the 19th century (Oh, I get it, '1886') and therefore channels the atmosphere and culture of the Industrial Revolution. "There are obviously some things we’re going to put in there that don’t exist, and we’ve moved certain locations a bit," Weerasuriya explains, "but as you can see from the trailer, when you pass in front of the Thames, Parliament is where it’s supposed to be and London Bridge is where it’s supposed to be."

Of course, when I think 'Industrial Revolution,' I think black soot, factory grime, and cobblestone. The filthiness of the time has inspired a groundbreaking approach to what Weerasuriya calls the "filmic experience"--"When you watch a movie you don’t question what lens is being used. You don’t question why there is grain on the film or why there’s a certain lighting," he says. ". . . With this game we replicated a lot of physical attributes. We have true lens distortion. We built physical lenses into our engine so we could get something where people will look it and not be totally disconnected."

"Games have a tendency sometimes to be too clean and crisp. We thrive in the dirt. We just love the fact that it feels dirty. It’s filmed in a very realistic way."

Gameplay details are still scarce, but it seems like Ready At Dawn is excited to show us more, including "gameplay features that we'll be taking about that will be very, very cool." The stage is set (in 19th century London). Now, we just need to find out what The Order: 1886 is.

For that, stay glued to PSU.com.

Kyle Prahl wasn't embarrassed to stand and cheer for Kingdom Hearts III at Sony's E3 2013 media briefing. The Order: 1886 looks pretty cool, too. You can follow him on Twitter and Facebook