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2D action-RPG Project Sweat could come to PS4 and PS Vita

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on 30 June 2013

A 2D action-RPG from UK developer Humid Games could come to PS4, PS3, and PS Vita.

The game is currently dubbed Project Sweat, and its gameplay is described by Humid Games as a similar experience to that of Ninja Gaiden: Black if it were on a 2D plane. Visually, the game is expected to have highly detailed sprites with "the animation fluidity of Street Fighter 3 & the visual impact of King of Fighters XIII."

More than that, gameplay is based on a risk-reward system with numerous opportunities to gamble things like EXP and health for the winning potential. For example, when you complete an area (the world is rife with explorable zones and quests) you have the option of returning to town to recharge your health and stock up, or pushing on to the next area with an EXP multiplier--but you don't regenerate your health in-between. Elsewhere, you might die in a level, have EXP taken away from you, and be faced with two options: return to town (losing gold and an item in the process) or come back to life with a small amount of health to keep fighting. BUT, if you die again, you'll lose a HUGE amount of EXP, possibly lowering your character level.

But seriously, the game's art direction looks fantastic.

Check out Humid Games' Kickstarter page right here. A stretch goal of £45,000 will ensure release on PlayStation platforms. Would you like to see Project Sweat on PS4 and PS Vita? Let us know in the comments section below.