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Tekken 6 bosses revealed

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on 27 November 2007

With the arcade version of Tekken 6 just released in Japan, it's only natural that news of the title will make its way across the worldwide web.

Good ol' Jin Kazama will be the mid-boss this time around. He won't be appearing as Devil Jin, but "The King of the Iron Fist" still has some tricks up his sleeve to be sure.

Far more epic, the final boss in Tekken 6's single player mode has just been unveiled. It won't be easy. His (or rather its) name is Azazel. This monstrous creature utilizes crystal shards, laser beams, and towering rock pillars among other things to overcome his adversaries. If you want to see him in action, look no further, as we have a fresh new video from the Land of the Rising Sun right here.