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PS4 is a 'return-to-form' for Sony, says Andrew House

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on 4 July 2013

Andrew House, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI), has expressed his belief that the PlayStation 4 is a return-to-form for the electronics giant.

Speaking to The Guardian, House said that the company’s next-generation games machine is taking SCE back to its roots, harkening back to the days of the original PlayStation and its successor.

"I see our approach on PS4 as really taking Sony Computer Entertainment back to our original roots," he said. "When we first launched with the PS1 and certainly the PS2, the goal was to give the consumer more choice, and lots of flexibility at a time when the delivery mechanism of games, on cartridges, placed a lot of restrictions on the industry. And also, by shifting to disks, to give developers - and particularly smaller ones - the chance to take risks and build a business. I think you're seeing exactly those kinds of principles applied to PS4."

Reports last week suggested that the PlayStation 4 Eye was dropped as a pack-in to allow Sony to slap a $399 price tag on its new console. And, while House said that while the peripheral provides a “great consumer experience,” Sony is not “forcing that purchase on the consumer.”

"We have a new development environment, that developers are telling us is significantly easier to make great games for, and we've undertaken a significant amount of outreach to smaller developers," House said. "And the net result is that we're seeing a lot of developers coming out of the mobile space, and I think that's a tremendously positive trend for console gaming. Essentially, we have access to a whole new set of talent in gaming that we didn't have before."

Sony announced at $399 price point for PS4 at E3 a few weeks ago. The console is scheduled to ship this holiday season alongside the likes of Killzone: Shadow Fall and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag