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PlayStation TV trademark uncovered (update)

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on 9 July 2013

UPDATE: We would like to clarify that Sony applied for a trademark and a service mark both on June 26 and back in September 2006. The former mark means that PlayStation TV could encompass new hardware, (in line with a brilliant idea put forward in the comments below by PSU reader akhi216). The latter mark suggests that it could be built-in or downloadable software.

ORIGINAL: Over the weekend, IGN uncovered that Sony has applied to trademark a service called PlayStation TV.

The trademark was filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on June 26, with an update made three days later. A sketch of a logo was included, which can be seen below.

It can only be speculated as to what the service will be if it comes to fruition. It seems odd that there could be a plan to compete with the third-party film and television viewing services available on the PlayStation 3, with Netflix already confirmed for PlayStation 4. It's always possible that PlayStation TV could be tied in some fashion to the DualShock 4's Share button.

This is not the first time that PlayStation TV has been trademarked, as a trademark for PlayStation TV was filed in September 2006. It was technically abandoned in September 2012. Perhaps, during the roughly seven months with no filed trademark, Sony took time to reconsider the purpose and potential of the service with PS4 in mind?

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