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GTA V will feature 1,000+ car and bike modifications

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on 10 July 2013

Fresh details on Grand Theft Auto V have started to trickle in following the crime epic’s debut gameplay trailer yesterday.

The Rockstar sequel’s producer and lead mission designer, Imran Sarwar, confirmed that the hotly-anticipated PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 title will boast over 1,000 car and bike modifications.

“Rather than it simply being an additional option for players to experiment with, we wanted to expand it and integrate it more deeply into the game so that it would seamlessly slot in with everything else that the player can do in the world,” he told GI. “Some missions ask you to customize vehicles in certain ways, and we have taken vehicle customization in general a lot further than we did in San Andreas.”

One thing that won’t be returning from previous games however is Pay and Spray; instead, gamers can visit LC Customs, which are dotted throughout the game world.

“You will be able to take in your car or bike, speak to the mechanic, and customize them,” explained Sarwar. “In addition to the many cosmetic customization alterations such as body kits, paint jobs/finishes, wheels, exhaust tips, window tints, tire smoke color, bull-bars, extra lights, and lots of other extra accessories, we have modifications that will affect gameplay and vehicle performance.

“Some of the modifications that affect gameplay include brakes, engine tuning, suspension, horns, bulletproof tires, panel armor, and of course, a general repair. There are more than 1,000 modifications in total. And when you’re done customizing your car, you can take a picture of it using the in-game cell phone and upload them to the Social Club.”

GTA V is due for release on September 17.