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God of War: Ascension gets Bout of Honour multiplayer mode

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on 12 July 2013

God of War: Ascension has received a new update adding the multiplayer mode Bout of Honour.

Taking the form of a 1v1 mode, Bout of Honour eschews many of the elements seen in the previous multiplayer offerings, including chests, fountains, world weapons and relics. Instead, it’s all about raw skill.

Elsewhere, the title update throws in four new maps specifically for Bout of Honour: Canyons of Kirra, Chamber of the Flame, Landing at Delos, and Streets of Sparta. In addition, gamers can enjoy a four-player map, The Whirlpool of Alecto.

Lastly, the update makes various tweaks such as removal of Infinites, changes to damage output of 100% combos and toning down of various overpowered weapons.

Are you still enjoying God of War: Ascension’s multiplayer mode? What do you think of Bout of Honour? Let us know in the comments below.