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PS4 will bring a 'renaissance of gaming,' bridge the gap between the hardcore & casual, says Cerny

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on 12 July 2013

In an interview with VG247, PlayStation 4 lead architect Mark Cerny expressed his confidence that the PS4 will help bridge the gap between hardcore and casual gamers to bring about 'a renaissance of gaming.'

“I see this very large gulf between the skill-set of what those people are familiar with and what is required to play a triple-A game.” Cerny explained a way to ease the console uninitiated into the PS4 will be through the use of the controller's touch pad. “It’s a natural way to input. It’s also a way to bring someone [used to phones and tablets] into the console world.”

Cerny closed the interview with a very optimistic hope for what PS4 can bring to the world of gaming. “We have the opportunity with PlayStation 4 to fundamentally alter the landscape of gaming. We can have the highest richness and variety of content."

“It really will be a renaissance of gaming.”

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