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GTA V: the best reason to hold onto your PS3

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on 16 July 2013

Grand Theft Auto V’s debut gameplay footage put jaws to the floor and set tongues wagging following its release last week, and with good reason – the urban crime sequel’s looking mighty impressive and easily the most ambitious entry in the franchise to date.

The game itself boasts the largest open-world environment in Rockstar history, offering a sprawling city and surrounding rural landscape to explore, all packed to the rafters with side activities. Fancy going deep-sea diving? Indulge in a spot of hunting? Or maybe just pinch a car and go for a joy ride, old-school GTA style? Anything goes.

Perhaps the most significant tweak to GTA’s already-polished paradigm is the fact you now have three playable protagonists to oversee. GTA V is no longer a solo operation; you’ll be able to play out the story of three distinct anti-heroes, each one boasting their own unique personalities and backstory, and who can combine together to tackle missions.

Of course, the multiplayer functionality first introduced in GTA IV also makes a return, this time known as Grand Theft Auto Online. A teaser was shown briefly at the end of the gameplay trailer, though full details are being kept under wrap.

Here’s a reminder of why GTA V is the best reason to hold onto your PS3 before making the jump to next-gen:

Have you pre-ordered GTA V yet? What aspect are you looking forward to most in the game? Is there any other title you are looking forward to more this year? Let us know in the comments section below.