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Sony considered PS4 controllers capable of detecting stress & sweat

on 16 July 2013

PlayStation 4 lead architect Mark Cerny revealed an interesting concept Sony toyed with for the next-gen console's controller: a DualShock 4 that could measure a player's stress and sweat response.

Talking with Stuff.TV, Cerny explained that the development team considered the idea while brainstorming features for the PS4 controller. "We had a long research project where we looked at pretty much any idea we could think of. Would it help to measure the galvanic response of the skin?"

"We tried out a tremendous number of things - and then we went to the game teams to ask them what they thought they could use from the controller."

Instead, Cerny and the team opted for other features such as the center touch pad and first-person shooter-friendly triggers.

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