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EA developing next-gen college football game, without NCAA backing

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on 17 July 2013

Official word from Destructoid today indicated that college football will indeed grace the next generation of consoles, but EA will no longer affiliate with the NCAA.

Andrew Wilson, EA Sports executive vice-president, proclaimed that the company "will continue to develop and publish college football games, but we will no longer include the NCAA names and marks. Our relationship with the Collegiate Licensing Company is strong and we are already working on a new game for next generation consoles which will launch next year and feature the college teams, leagues and all the innovation fans expect from EA Sports."

Essentially, this means that all future American college football games will no longer feature the NCAA logo in any way, shape, or form, since NCAA announced that it will not renew its contract with EA Sports, which leaves fans wondering what will come next for fans of college ball. Considering that Andrew Wilson mentioned " the innovation fans expect from EA Sports," subscribers to the series may expect nothing more than updated graphics. Stay tuned to PSU as more information releases.


Tim Nunes, US Managing Editor at PSU, has spent the last few weeks grueling over the sloppy execution in this year's NCAA football. To talk more, find him on Twitter @BossSnake.