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PS4 records last 15 minutes of gameplay continuously, confirms Sony

22 July 2013

Elation! Sony has cleared up confusion over how much gameplay your PlayStation 4 will continually be recording.

The confusion began earlier this month when Neil Brown, the head of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's Research and Development division, said PS4 will continually record the last 'several minutes' of your gameplay.

Some mistook what Neil said as seven minutes while others thought that several could mean less, but lucky for us gamers nothing has changed! PS4 will continually record the last 15 minutes of your gameplay to share on PlayStation Network, Ustream, and other social media channels as was announced at the PS4 reveal in February.

Were you worried that Sony was backpedaling the social features of the PS4? Are you psyched to share gameplay with your friends? Let us know in the comments below.


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