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The Rage series isn't dead, assures id Software

on 5 August 2013

Tim Willits, co-founder of id Software, has said that the Rage franchise isn’t dead and buried.

Rage was released back in 2011 and garnered positive reviews from critics. However, despite murmurs of a sequel, nothing has ever materialized, though Willits assured Joystiq that it hasn’t abandoned the IP – just don’t expect a sequel any time soon.

"I'm proud of what we did, I'm proud of the universe that we built, the franchise is not dead," he said. "We're not doing anything immediately with it, but when I designed the universe, I designed it in such a way that it would be easy to step back into.

"I'm still proud that we did something that was different, it wasn't like the games that we've done in the past."

Elsewhere, Willits revealed that id Tech 5 benefited from numerous innovations thanks to Rage’s development, which are still paying off as we progress into next-generation territory.

"We really tried to do one engine that worked for everything," he said. "It really helps establish a robust tech that, as John [Carmack] said last night, we're adding stuff into it based on the new consoles, and it's allowed people to make different games because the technology is flexible and robust and works on everything."

What did you think of Rage? Would you like to see FPS get a sequel? Let us know below.