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The Evil Within could get online support via DLC, says Shinji Mikami

12 August 2013

The director behind Survival Horror title The Evil Within has hinted that the game may receive online support via post-launch content.

Speaking with OXM, the former Capcom developer Shinji Mikami flirted with the idea of influencing the game world via an online mode similar to Dark Souls.

“Yeah, maybe in DLC. I guess we can’t really get into details,” said Mikami-san.

The Evil Within will be Mikami-san’s last endeavour as game director, and is due out next year for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Players take control of Sebastian Castellanos, a detective who is thrust into a strange world thriving with monstrous beasts and haunted by the mad cries of his missing partner.

The game’s director of course is best known as the creator of the Resident Evil series, which is seen as single-handily catapulting the Survival Horror genre to mainstream success back in 1996. Mikami-san also reinvented the franchise with Resident Evil 4, which went on to heavily influence the third-person action/adventure landscape in 2005.

Are you looking forward to The Evil Within? Do you feel Mikami-san has the ability to reinvigorate the fledging Survival Horror genre once again? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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