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PS3 development makes for better 360 game?

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For the longest time, many developers would have the general gaming body believe that developing on the PlayStation 3 is like crawling through broken glass naked. This has been met with many developers, taking their once PS3 exclusive titles, and converting the over to the Xbox 360 as a multi-platform experience, such as Assassins Creed. Some developers believes the opposite, even going as far as saying that by having a game developed with the PS3 being the lead, the Xbox 360 version would be a better game than it would have if the 360 were the lead.

Nick Channon, Senior Producer for Burnout Paradise explains how setting the PlayStation 3 as the lead platform over the Xbox 360, actually makes the Xbox 360 version a better game.

"From our point of view, we’ve had no issues with dealing with either machine; that’s what I mean by that. It seems that some games haven’t always transitioned between the two well. From our perspective leading on Playstation3 has meant Xbox 360 has given us a great product."

Given the fact that tech wise, the PlayStation 3 is the more powerful console. So if a game is made with the PS3 in mind, this will push the Xbox 360 version of that same game to its heights. This leads to questions such as how would Gears of War turned out if it were developed as a PS3 game rather than a Xbox 360 exclusive title? Well it is already said that Unreal Tournament III will be visually better than Gears of War, and the PS3 is the lead on that project, so you do the math.