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Only difference between PS4 and PC version of The Elder Scrolls Online is the controller, says ZeniMax

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on 21 August 2013

ZeniMax Online has said that there’s no difference between the console versions and PC versions of The Elder Scrolls Online, the upcoming subscription-based MMO.

In an interview with Gamestar, General Manager of ZeniMax Online, Matt Firor,spoke about the Xbox One, PS4 and PC versions of its latest game and confirmed that “graphics”, “engine” and “content” are identical.

"As a lifelong PC developer and gamer, I am very excited by the fact that the next-gen consoles are so powerful and so PC-like", said Firor. “Gone are the days when you had to make sacrifices porting a game like ESO to consoles - now, with the XB1 and the PS4, really the only differences you can expect between the PC and console versions is playing with a controller and player-to-player communication (no keyboard). Graphics, engine, content, etc., are all the same.”

The interview also discussed the pricing model for The Elder Scrolls Online. Firor said the players will have to buy a subscription costing around $15 a month, though the first 30 days would be free.