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PS4 has 1 million pre-orders, PS3's prolonged life-cycle has helped with demand, says Sony

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on 22 August 2013

Speaking with The Guardian, President of Sony Computer Entertainment, Andrew House said that demand for the PlayStation 4 is huge. He admits that he’s slightly surprised by the numbers so far and he puts the interest down to the prolonged life-cycle of the PS3 and the appeal of the new console.

"Maybe it's just that the current lifecycle has been rather more prolonged than it has been previously, but there does seem to be this demand,” he says.

“The fact that we've got in excess of a million pre-orders at this stage is a very strong testament to the fact that people are really interested in games, they're interested in new and more powerful consoles and what those can deliver. But also there's an interest in different experiences, which is why we feel embracing the independent developer community is so important to this generation."

With demand so high, it’s likely that the PS4 will sell out around its launch date of November 29 (UK) and November 15 (US). In the UK, retailers have already stopped making guarantees about launch day delivery.