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PS4 huMA architecture: AMD retracts statement, 'will not comment' on PS4 vs. Xbox One

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on 22 August 2013

Yesterday, we reported that an AMD employee had given details to a German IT magazine about PlayStation 4's hUMA (Heterogeneous Uniform Memory Access) architecture, which allows data to be simultaneously shared between GPU and CPU. AMD's Marc Diana called it "a game changer," and the magazine itself gave a serious advantage to PS4 over Xbox One in 3D performance.

Now, AMD is retracting its statement--it seems someone may have forgot about corporate policy of silence.

In a statement to PSU, AMD spokesperson Michael Silverman said:

"During a recent gamescom 2013 interview, an AMD spokesperson made inaccurate statements regarding the details of our semi-custom APU architectures. AMD will not comment on the Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PS4 memory architectures and will not speak for Microsoft, Sony or other AMD customers."

While AMD vaguely calls its previous statements "inaccurate," we're tempted to think this is a tongue-slip that outs a key architectural difference between PS4 and Xbox One.