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PS3's DC Universe Online is a major money-spinner for SOE

on 23 August 2013

The president of Sony Online Entertainment has revealed that a whopping 70 per cent of its revenue for DC Universe Online has been attributed to the PlayStation 3 version of the superhero MMO.

Chatting with GI.biz, John Smedley said, “The single fastest growing segment of our business is DC Universe Online on the PS3.

“70% of our revenue [on that game] comes from the PS3 and 70 percent of our players come from the PS3.”

“One of the advantages we have had is we were the first with Free Realms. With that, we’ve helped the QA group set up the system. What happened is there’s a trust level that builds up. They do certain checks every time – but over time, if you don’t screw up, they start to trust your [internal] QA,” he added.

Elsewhere, Smedley said that console gamers are more likely to splash out on paid items than PC owners.

“There’s a higher likelihood of having a payment system on file, and since these are dedicated gaming systems, you’re more predisposed to try something, whereas when you’re on the PC, you might get distracted by, say, Facebook or something.”

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