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Titanfall on PS4? EA hints at shooter rotation to compete with Activision

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on 28 August 2013

Titanfall, an Xbox One exclusive (for the time being), has garnered lots of attention for its graceful combat and narrative-driven multiplayer. Many wonder if the game is only a timed exclusive, as developer Respawn Entertainment has hinted that Titanfall could one day appear on PlayStation 4.

We may finally have our answer, inadvertently, from the horse's mouth.

Frank Gibeau, president of EA Labels, spoke to CVG about how the competition between Call of Duty and Battlefield is good for the industry. He also talked about yearly rotation of franchises to compete with Activision, who has numerous developers working on Call of Duty to ensure a new one is released every year. Gibeau said that, in order to compete, "The shooter rotation we think about now is Battlefield, Titanfall and Battlefront, and so we like those three brands going forward."

Now, there are either two possibilities here: If Titanfall is truly Xbox-exclusive, then every three years, EA won't release a shooter on PS4 and leave a gaping hole for Activision to clean up. The second (much more likely) scenario is that Titanfall will be on PS4 at some point so that sales in EA's shooter war with Activision aren't freely given up.

Yet more loose evidence that Titanfall is merely a timed console exclusive. What do you think? Has Respawn Entertainment's next-gen debut piqued your interest?