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Mark Cerny's voice is dreamy in Knack Conversations with Creators video

on 30 August 2013

I've known about Mark Cerny for some time. His name was one of those I saw in video game credits--in this case, Crash Bandicoot's--as a kid and just seemed to stick with me. So imagine my surprise to see him take the stage and unveil PlayStation 4 to the world back in February. Imagine my elation to meet him in a hotel lobby at this year's E3.

Watch the video below, and imagine my warm heart at the sound of his voice, which is about as soothing and intelligent as any I've ever heard.

Seriously, after roughly the halfway point, you'll see what I mean. Mark Cerny transitions from speaking in Japanese to his native English, and the way he talks about shaping Knack to both challenge PlayStation veterans on hard difficulties and be welcoming to first-time gamers on easy difficulties--well, it's just dreamy. I'm not trying to be creepy (though I'm undoubtedly succeeding), and I don't mean "dreamy" like the sexually attractive "dreamy"--rather, Mark Cerny's the kind of guy I would let read a bedtime story to my kids. If I had any.

If you agree after watching the video below, let me know in the comments.

Thumbnail credit to The Verge.