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Killzone: Mercenary's day one patch will require a memory card upgrade

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on 4 September 2013

Launch date adopters of Guerilla Cambridge's flagship PlayStation Vita title Killzone: Mercenary will be in for a slight delay once the title releases next week, says Polygon.

Early reports from TheSixthAxis have Killzone: Mercenary listed in size at 3.3GB, and update 1.01 , which will be available at launch, charts at 1190MB, or 1.1GB in size. Considering the steep costs of extra memory for Sony's handheld, first-person shooter and Killzone fans alike may either have to buy the physical copy or upgrade their memory cards in order to experience story content that takes place between Killzone and Killzone 2. 

Our early reports of Killzone: Mercenary are absolutely glowing, and our very own Kyle Prahl calls Killzone: Mercenary "the console-quality Vita shooter you've been waiting for," which, for most fans, more than validates either buying the physical copy or dropping the dough on more memory. Still, even with first-hand statements like "And Oh. My. God, is it fun," coming straight from Kyle himself, many may find spending at least $20 extra in order to play a PS Vita game, which would, when including the cost of the game, bring the total to $60, a little off-putting. If your memory card isn't already large enough to house the data, you'll have to delete some files or (with a 4 GB card) buy a new card altogether.

Killzone: Mercenary releases exclusively on PS Vita today in the UK and Sept. 10 in the US. Does news of this update deter you from picking it up right away?