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PS4 Driveclub asks 'Game, or real life?' in live gamescom demo

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on 5 September 2013

Sony has released a video series of live Driveclub gameplay from a gamescom 2013 demo.

It's gorgeous--the lighting in particular is impressive, with shadows of trees and fences dancing across the dashboard in real-time. This video makes it abundantly clear that games of a certain variety will reach unseen levels of photorealism in the coming generation.

Even more exciting? Think about how PS3 games like Resistance: Fall of Man and Afrika looked at or near launch. Quite a leap from those titles to The Last of Us or BEYOND: Two Souls, right? As that leap soaks in, remember: Driveclub is a Day One title for PS4.

What will PS4 games look like in 2018?

While we contemplate existence, drop a comment below and tell us what you think of the Driveclub videos below.


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