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EA hints at future buyouts

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Yesterday, Electronic Arts showed their gratitude towards Activision Blizzard by wishing them the best of luck in their future projects in relation to the recent merger of Activision and...Blizzard. The full article may be viewed here. Now to put the spotlight back onto themselves, EA released a statement which hints that its own future acquisitions are not out of the picture.

Button-Brown, Director of Business development for EA commented, "It's always possible. My primary aim is to find new IP and work with great developers whether we acquire them or not.”

Furthermore he added, "It would have to work for both parties. There are no hostile takeovers, it has to be right. Look at Bizarre being bought by Activision. Bizarre were independent for so many years but then they felt like they wanted a little bit of shelter and it fitted. If we'd have been working with Bizarre, that would have been an interesting deal."

Possible candidates for EA to look at would be Rockstar Games, which is currently under the watchful eye of Take Two games. Rockstar Games owns IPs such as Grand Theft Auto, Max Payne, and Midnight Club Street Racing.

Brown finished off by saying, "There're so many opportunities out there. Look at Crytek, they make absolute bleeding-edge first-person shooters and they have been doing this for some time. It's not something that we specialise in.”

Some may remember that EA recently wrapped up a big deal themselves, securing the holding rights of Bioware/Pandemic. Something gives the impression that EA is about to announce yet another big acquisition really soon.