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What Metal Gear Solid 5's Quiet would look like with her clothes on, which one do you prefer?

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on 10 September 2013

Fishnet stockings and a bra probably isn’t the best attire to wear to war, but Hideo Kojima wanted ‘erotic’ for his Metal Gear Solid 5 character Quiet and that’s exactly what his design team gave him.

Overnight, the Internet exploded when Kojima revealed the scantily-clad model with a real divide of opinion of whether this is an exploitation of woman or merely Kojima exercising his right as a human being to create a unique character for his upcoming game.

While one side of the fence has branded it disgusting, another says that it’s ridiculous for us to be morally outraged when we’ve been playing games where we can blow people’s heads off for years.

Artist Elizabeth Edwards has decided to cover up Quiet so we can get a glimpse of what may have been if Kojima hadn’t gone down the ‘erotic’ route. Below you can see the comparison between the two.

Where do you stand on the whole sexist/exploitation of women debate? We’ve got a poll underway in the forums, but if you don’t want to join in let us know below or vote on Twitter.