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Beyond: Two Souls is the best looking game ever on PS3

on 10 September 2013

After spending around four hours in the company of Beyond: Two Souls, it’s hard to imagine what the PlayStation 4 could be capable of if this is the level developers have reached on current-gen hardware. Having played around a third of David Cage’s paranormal adventure over the last week in the comfort of my own home on a large HD TV, I’m confident to say that it is going to be the most highly polished, graphically superior and realistic-looking game to have ever graced Sony’s current-gen console.

I’ve written a Beyond: Two Souls preview where you can learn more about the game, but I felt that I should give Quantic Dream the exposure it deserves by flagging up the quality of the graphics in a separate post. Such is its visual appeal that I’ve been left drooling at the possibilities that the PS4’s superior hardware will offer developers who have large budgets at hand. Beyond has actually made me pause the action just so I can prove to family members that this is actually me playing a real game and not a movie or CGI cut-scene they’re watching.

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