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Experience Paradise December 13

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on 6 December 2007

Remember that time you crashed your car into some other car and completely trashed everything? Yeah, you wouldn't, because you got a concussion.

Next time, we recommend you play Burnout Paradise instead, where you can get a digital concussion from the comfort of your living room. An online-enabled demo for the adrenaline-fueled racer will be hitting both PSN and XBL on December 13.

Depending on your level of excitement, you may want to check out the timer on Criterion's website so you can gaze at the screen in the agony with each passing second. During the writing of this article, the countdown was as follows:

Days: 07
Hours: 03
Minutes: 09
Seconds: 26

Don't get too close to your monitor though; it might be bad for your concussion.