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PS4, PC versions of GTAV all but confirmed in Xbox 360 build code

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on 15 September 2013

New evidence has hit the net that all but confirms that Rockstar Games' next big hit title Grand Theft Auto V will be appearing on the PlayStation 4 and PC.

Rumors of this flagship title hitting next-gen consoles has been under investigation and scrupulation for quite a while. Last month, while in an interview with CVG, Rockstar neither confirmed nor denied the chances for GTAV to hit the eighth generation consoles, but its statements on the matter appeared more based around chance rather than certainty: "We’ll get the current gen version out first and see what happens in the future."

Now, it seems that Rockstar is putting its shoe in the next-gen console door: existing Xbox 360 code, which was leaked yesterday, includes information that early adopters of the PS4 should see:

PlayStation fans were first exposed to the name "Orbis" when the PS4 was still a rumor, but Orbis is the official name for the operating system that the PS4 utilizes, which further validates the chances that this coding is real. Having compiled code like this isn't a strange occurrence either, according to Gaming Blend, since titles like Borderlands and Unreal Tournament 3 both did the same thing. William Usher from Gaming Blend explains that "Most developers build games around a general code base and configure the game's specifications per platform within an single config file, as opposed to building new code or separate config files for each and every platform." He also states that coding is only drastically changed when a console game also has a mobile or portable version.

It's possible that Rockstar Games built in the coding so that regenerating this foreseeable blockbuster hit on the next round of consoles wouldn't take as much time, and a PC version is all but inevitable, considering that Grand Theft Auto III and IV both landed on home computers. Still, since PC specs and the next gen specs are similar, perhaps Rockstar is waiting for the opportunity to recreate the title for more platforms at the same time rather than do them individually.

A potentially falsified GTAV PS4 cover art image, which certainly looked tampered with--care of Amazon Germany--doesn't validate any chances for the anticipated title to hit next-gen consoles, but more and more evidence that proves it is hitting the net by the day. Our official forum has been tossing this idea back and forth, and many posts have proclaimed frustration that a next-gen version coming right after the current-gen version would be frustrating. How do you feel about potentially buying GTAV twice in order to play it on your PS4?